Business Services & Planning

We become part of your management team in developing strategies and evaluating performance against goals. We take a leadership role in helping you plan for trends and changes in your industry. You’ll gain a competitive advantage in your markets by better managing change.

Financial Planning and Control
A service that helps you focus on success! Planning includes setting financial goals consistent with your operational goals and objectives. Controlling includes monitoring performance against your financial goals.

Financial Statement Preparation and Review
We’ll custom-design financial reports to assist you in managing your business more effectively. These statements are critical in maintaining your banking relationships and getting financing at the lowest possible rates.

Business Start-ups

We’ll help you:

  • Prepare your business plan, including a financial model of your business
  • Identify the key business needs involved in your start-up
  • Obtain the financing you need
  • Make the appropriate choice of organizational entity
  • Evaluate and select the best accounting systems for your organization

Result: your new business will enter the marketplace with a solid foundation.

Pension and Profit Sharing Plans
We’ll evaluate your requirements and determine the best program for your company. We’ll help cut through the intricacies of the law to make sure you have a tax-qualified plan. We’ll also assist you with the tax return preparation for your plan. Result: you turn tax dollars into retirement savings.

Employee Benefit Planning
We’ll help you and your employees increase after-tax compensation without increasing the cost of your benefit plans. For example, we do compensation analyses that integrates cash, fringe benefit, and pension compensation.

Design and Evaluation of Internal Control Systems
As your business grows, you’ll need the appropriate safeguards to protect your business assets. We’ll help you make certain these safeguards are in place.