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Dragoon (verb): To force into submission or compliance especially by violent measures.
Application: Individuals or employers will be dragooned into joining the new universal healthcare
system by having to pay excise taxes if they do not purchase basic health benefits coverage.


With respect to healthcare coverage, the central planners in Washington D.C. divide the U.S. population into these groups:

  • Senior citizens covered by Medicare
  • Individuals under age 65 working full-time
  • Employees of large businesses
  • Employees of small businesses
  • Individuals under age 65 working part-time
  • Non-working individuals under age 65
  • Individuals with investment income
  • Low-income households
    (probably covered under Medicaid)

The key objectives of the healthcare legislation consist of the following:

  • To force large employers who are capable of operating group health plans into dedicating
    part of their employee compensation expense to healthcare
  • To force all individuals under age 65 with economic means into buying health insurance
  • To make health insurance more accessibleto unemployed people and part-time
    employees by setting up state sponsored insurance exchanges
  • To generate enough additional tax revenue from high income taxpayers to provide
    health insurance to individuals with limited economic means