Insurance Loss Analysis

Insurance Loss Analysis
We provide quantitative analysis supporting negotiation of damages. We standardize the analysis in order to automate the presentation of business financial data supporting the loss computations. The result is increased cost efficiencies in the process for all parties.

Our analysis models allow us to take large volumes of data and process it efficiently. We can accurately estimate losses in accordance with the terms of insurance policy in force and present the findings in a detailed but concise manner.

Use of Automated Analysis Models
Proprietary analysis models have been developed from actual claims experience and are continuously enhanced. These are designed to process financial data of varying quality in a consistent manner. The requirements of the analysis models drive the production of data rather than having data limitations drive the analysis.

These models benefit both the underwriter and the insured by keeping analysis costs to a minimum. They also reduce the time required to estimate a loss and update the analysis as additional data becomes available.

Clear and Concise Reports
Reports are designed for use by non-financial personnel. They feature an explanation of the methodology employed and provide a clear audit trail back to source data. The transparency of the analysis is designed to promote and orderly resolution of disputed items.

Multi-disciplinary Approach
We provide quantitative analysis supporting the settlement of claims from insured events. We also look behind the data to identify economic and industry factors that affect business performance.