Personal Finance

Over the years we have developed tax projection models that allow us to better manage the tax effects of your investments and allow us to better plan for your financial future.

Investment Planning
We’ll minimize your taxes by analyzing capital gain or loss harvesting, maximizing retirement savings deductions, minimize taxes on retirement plan withdrawals, generate tax-sheltered investment income, and maintain tax-qualified retirement plans. We can assist you in avoiding the restrictions of the passive loss rules, analyze partnership investments, and keep you informed about tax developments that affect your portfolio. Along the way, you can turn to us as your sounding board for investment ideas. You get the perspective of a professional serving a variety of clients.

Charitable Giving Planning
Our tax estimation program allows us to provide multiple yearly scenarios for you to maximize your charitable deduction for any given year on the fly. We provide detail how each gift will affect your income and possible Alternative Minimum Tax obligations.

Retirement Planning
Smart retirement planning has never been more important, and we’ll prepare you to maintain your standard of living.

With our assistance, you will make the right choices concerning 401(k)s, 403(b)s, tax deferred annuities, Individual Retirement Accounts, and other retirement income vehicles. Our tax projection models contain diagnostic information on all available retirement savings deductions based on your particular financial circumstances.

Social Security Benefit Analysis
We have developed a model that analyzes how to maximize your Social Security benefits. By using a combination of survivorship probabilities and present value calculations we analyze the client’s age and health to determine at what point you should begin claiming benefits.

We feel this analysis is a better representation of how to maximize benefits over the ordinary break-even analysis.

Planning Loan Transactions
You’ll minimize the after-tax cost of borrowing while maintaining maximum financial flexibility. We’ll help keep your interest expense deductible.

Keeping You Informed
We’ll send you our newsletter designed to give you the information you need about changing tax and investment developments. Our newsletter includes action-oriented recommendations that you can use immediately. Click here for our prior news articles.